To achieve a cleaner, safer and more sustainable world, organizations must realize
realize the importance and value of managing related business challenges
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Social & Governance) de una manera que se ajuste a sus objetivos.
ESG emerges as a common framework to assess overall operating model health
of an organization and its long-term recovery capacity. The stakeholders
increasingly seek and demand more forward-looking policies and programs in the
three areas.
Understand what is most important to the business and how to set points
reference and objectives. To develop roadmaps and track
metrics to report progress. Thus, a strong ESG program can withstand
the test of time, respond to investor demands and be agile in the face of
changes in society.
This eBook addresses the why and how of developing a strategy and implementing a program.
ESG that integrates the criteria in governance and business areas. Getting better
thus environmental and social results, offering sustainable value and growth to
through the presentation of reports on the main ESG compliance frameworks.

“ESG is the next corporate transformation.
It arose in response to the needs of society that require companies
assume a more active role in the adoption of sustainable practices in the face of problems
“Societies that impact everyone’s lives.”

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